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                    Jiangmen Psychological Counseling: Common Characteristics of Pleasant Personality

                    2023-03-31 1215

                    Pleasant personality refers to a character that blindly flatters others while neglecting one's own feelings. It is a potential unhealthy form of behavior, rather than a personality disorder. What are the characteristics of a flattering character?

                    1. I am very afraid of expressing my true thoughts. Due to the feeling of being weak, once they express their ideas, they will feel isolated, worried about not being accepted by others, and even more afraid of others' attacks. Therefore, they always keep their true ideas hidden in their hearts, rather than bravely revealing them.

                    2. When others reject you, downplay it; And when you reject others; I feel like I've made a big mistake.

                    3. She loves automatic apologies and is very afraid of conflicts, so she hopes to use apologies to quickly end conflicts, which is their way of handling work.

                    4. When helping others, one becomes more cautious than doing one's own work, and even feels that it is one's own duty; And I never spoke up and was rejected due to worry.

                    5. When you are with others, you are always afraid of the cold shoulder and always automatically look for topics. Even when chatting on WeChat, I feel guilty without a second to reply; Every time I carefully consider my words and expressions, and the content in the dialogue box is written and deleted, always afraid of saying the wrong thing.


                    6. Likes to cater to others, and in social interactions, their attitudes towards others often say, 'You're right.' This kind of cater comes from their inner timidity, always feeling that others are stronger than themselves, so they will lower themselves very low. They always worry about others being unhappy, but they forget their own emotions and what their own voice is.

                    7. I dare not express a bad mood or cry because I am afraid that my negative energy will affect others.

                    8. Someone else borrowed their own money and dared not talk about repaying it. They couldn't survive and asked for it, as if they had done the wrong job.

                    9. I don't know how to refuse, and the flattering personality is very concerned about my own comments in the eyes of others. They are afraid of rejection, but in fact, it is also because they are worried that once they reject others, they will be very disliked by others. If they do not refuse, they disguise themselves to maintain outstanding connections, which can reduce their guilt and guilt in the heart, but they bear enormous psychological pressure invisibly, making themselves live very tired.

                    10. When shopping online, you usually look at the discussion and size to clarify. If you don't need to contact customer service, you don't need to contact them. Even if you're not satisfied with the purchase, you won't return it. If you can bear it, you can do it.

                    11. Be sensitive and cautious, afraid of offending others. Every time you talk about something, think for a long time and use words. If you talk about it, you are afraid of your friends being unhappy, and if you don't talk about it, you are also afraid of them being unhappy.

                    12. I dare not post too many social media accounts in a day, afraid of disturbing others, afraid of others feeling annoyed, often withdrawing from conversations, and frequently deleting social media accounts in seconds.

                    Article source: Jiangmen Psychological Consultation http://www.cntmw.com.cn/

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