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                    How to talk to depression patients?

                    2023-04-27 1420

                    Every patient with depression has a very weak heart, as their world is only filled with grief, and they spend almost every day in a sorrowful environment. Suffering from depression is very painful, as they cannot understand what happiness is in their hearts and just pretend to be happy every day. So how do you talk to depression patients? Let's take a look together.

                    1. Don't exaggerate the problem during the conversation

                    If a friend is suffering from depression, don't keep mentioning this condition at this moment. Just think of the friend as having a very common cold, just think of them as having a bad mood. If you keep mentioning topics such as the severity of his depression, it will inevitably bring greater pressure to the other party and instead amplify the problem, which is very bad.

                    2. Don't casually talk about their affairs

                    People with depression have their own sensitive points. If you don't know where the other person's sensitive points are, please don't casually talk about them. If you accidentally touch that sensitive point and it eventually erupts, the situation is really difficult to handle. So if you are not a doctor, don't try to persuade them casually. You should know that they may not experience stress reactions in person when they hear your words, but they will have many thoughts in their hearts and ultimately bring more depression to themselves.


                    3. The conversation should not have negative content

                    If you always mention negative information or content during a conversation, it is easy for the other party to fall into a larger negative energy circle and cannot extricate themselves. So if you really don't have much to talk about with the other person, you can give them a hug directly, or maybe lean quietly with them, even if it's just quiet companionship, it's better than talking about bad information.

                    4. Can't criticize them

                    When treating patients with depression, it is important not to think that their illness is overly emotional or that their attitude towards life is very negative; We cannot point out their shortcomings or shortcomings. People with depression are already prone to fantasies. If you criticize and dislike them again, it's like adding fuel to the fire. Trust in this judgment ability is still something that everyone has.

                    5. Don't joke casually

                    People with depression are very sensitive, and some jokes that seem insignificant to us may become the trigger for the other person's illness outbreak. Therefore, if we are not sure, please try not to joke casually. Because when we were laughing at each other at the time, perhaps we thought it was nothing, but if there was no one around the patient, would they have fantasies? This is what you need to understand? So try to avoid joking and greet them appropriately when talking to them.

                    Article source: Jiangmen Psychological Consultation


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